Friday, March 25, 2016

Site is Saved - Thanks to all who supported this. Petition against clearing of URBAN HOTSPOT for Telecommunications Tower

A block of land directly opposite the Sanctuary Lakes in Gunn has a proposal for clearing by developer Visionstream Pty Ltd for Optus and Vodafone and the establishment of a 22m tower.

There is a less destructive and more amenable site only 200m away. I am creating a petition for the developer Visionstream Pty Ltd, Palmerston City Council and the NT government to stop planning this for this site and to use the other site or other contingencies.

Petition Link, Please support this, your help is most greatly appreciated.

  •  It doesn't make sense that time, effort and finances go into establishing a 'Sanctuary Lakes', only to have the amenability of it ruined by a structure right next to it?
  • It is only 64m from the closest resident. 
  • There is a more 'INDUSTRIALLY SUITED SITE' only 200m away and a lot of vacant land either further away.
  • It will involve the clearing of woodland which is a very nice area to birdwatch and walk through or past.
  • Symbiotic Ecosystem: Woodland is bounded by small creek and drainage from Lakes, a monsoonal thicket/rain-forest and a wetland.  Albeit that these environments are an essentially new recovery from fires, clearing etc, it is a relative Hotspot in an Urban environment.
  • Great birdlife, Rufous Owl and Black Bittern observed. Over 50 other common species,  reside or utilise this area in their lifetime, eg Bar-breasted Honeyeater nesting.
  • This is one of the only remaining Green-belt areas left in Palmerston, and most certainly the only one in 'Urban Central' suitable for Rufous Owls and Black Bitterns.
  • 10 years ago nearby residents were informed by developer 'DELFIN HOMES' that this area was a Green-belt, never to be developed.  Based on this, at least one family that I know chose to build on their current site (64m away from this proposal).
  • It is wrong that we accept the unplanned requests of Corporate and Industrial entities wanting to develop without question. Especially if the decision has been made only as an easy option.
 Rufous Owl (Ninox rufa) observed at site

 Nesting Bar-breasted Honeyeater observed at site

Here is the location.

This is the location of the chosen site with respect to the local residents housing

 Here is the alternative site (which was actually choice #1) 
but it was said that there was no access existing (look at the above satellite pic)

 This is what they want to build!

Here are some pics of the surrounding ecosystem this woodland is a part of.

Other species seen in the trees of the area (all taken on-site 23-25th March).

Thankyou for supporting this local community


  1. I have lived in the Top End since 1975 and worked as a birding guide/biological consultant for many years. I lived just around the corner from the site where Mick spotted the Rufous Owl and used to regularly take international (mainly American) visitors through the area. I moved from Parap in 2004 because of the destruction of habitat - the sites I'd used for decades for both guiding and research of my birding books were fast disappearing. In 2013 we left Palmerston because pristine or near pristine habitat was again disappearing. The Top End has a staple economy. Avitourism, indeed wildlife tourism provides a relatively inelastic and sustainable market. Incremental destruction of habitat, removes the ability to service that market and little by little is leaving NT tourism with restricted choices.

    1. The developer has decided to establish the tower on an alternative site (close to alternative A). Hopefully the Owls and other species continue to use the habitat. THANKS

  2. The developer has decided to establish the tower on an alternative site (close to alternative A). Hopefully the Owls and other species continue to use the habitat. THANKS