Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First NT Grey Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

This morning (21st Jan), fellow birder Gus Daly and I decided to have a quick visit to Leanyer Ponds, just on the off chance that something interesting has landed.

In about 3 minutes we spotted something different and called straight away 'Phalarope'!

Well, this shabby little fellow has created quite a stir.  He has obviously been challenged by the recent monsoon activity in the area and got blown from the sea down to us.

This is the 7th report in Australia of Phalaropus fulicarius although BARC (Birds of Australia Rarities Commission have only accepted 4 reports.

1.  Lake Woorinen, Vic, Feb-March 1976
2.  McGrath Flat, SA, 7th July 1989
3.  Port Fairy, Vic, 12th July 1992
4. Lake Mitchell, QLD, 4th November 2003
This is the first record and the NT and yet another Mega rarity, a great start to the new year.

Breeding in the Artic/Alaska and wintering off of Chile or w Africa it has been pretty rare for a visit here and particularly up in the NT.

Grey Pahalarope ID Lateral widening of bill at tip

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