Monday, April 15, 2013

Some VERY interesting arrivals in the Top End

Since January 2013, Birders have had mixed fortunes with being able to observe some pretty special arrivals.

Vagrant arrivals:

Oriental Warbler - seen at Fogg Dam, just off the wall. has been seen here in the past.
Spotted Whistling Duck - also at Fogg Dam, is a Northern species, but has been recorded a number of times on the Western side of the Cape in North Queensland.  This arrival supports theories that there is a growing breeding population, possibly resident in Australia.  Whether true or not, it has alerted me to the fact that I should be scanning the large flocks of Wandering Whistling Ducks. A nice photo is available for viewing on the NT Birdline link at the bottom of this post.
Freckled Duck - A vagrant only reported in the NT about 1700km south in Alice Springs (and rarely at that).  This is the first record in the Top End and was seen at Leanyer Waste Treatment Plant
Eastern Yellow Wagtail - Although a more regularly seen Migrant than the species above, they are still somewhat a scarcity.  2 birds were seen in April, once again at Leanyer Treatment Plant, and a larger flock reported in January at that location.  I was lucky enough to spot these 2 individuals in full colour and no doubt heading North for some breeding time.  Photos also available on the Birdline link

As I wasn't lucky enough to get any good pics  this link has some nice imagery of these significant observations.

Good Birding

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