Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trip Report: Kakadu, Yellow Water, November 2012

Sunset on Yellow Water Billabong - Not to be missed

A Birding trip to the Top End would not be complete without a visit to Kakadu and specifically, to the bird rich 'Yellow Water' Billabong (Gurrungurrujdba).  Scenic boat cruises are available and do concentrate on birds as they are a stand-out, as well as crocodiles, but it is possible to get a privately chartered boat out.

This trip we were in a private boat for one late afternoon and one early morning.  We saw 59 species and photographed most.

 Little Kingfisher - Ceyx (Alcedo) pusillus

 Comb-crested Jacana - Irediparra gallinacea

Highlights of the trip were the Little Kingfishers, (which were astonishingly plentiful and active), The Magpie Geese through the sunset, Brolgas and Black-necked Storks, Photographic Comb-crested Jacanas and active Flycatchers species, including Shining, Paperbark and Leaden.

Large Esturine Crocodiles were always present, which adds another dimension to the wildlife spotting and as with most birding sessions, quiet patience will often be rewarded with some amazing viewing.  This big croc surfaced with a good sized Barramundi for dinner

 Great Egret being considered for didn't happen!

Purple Swamphen (Race melanotus)

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